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Tips and Tricks of well written English

Tips and Tricks of well written English

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Personalized Poetry

The following poems are examples of personal poetry I was specifically asked to compose for acquaintances. Everyone was happy and exuberant with their ensuing personalized compositions.


Such a lovely morning!
Heaven smiling down on Earth.
Blinding sun, glistening snow
starlings twittiering over turf!

A cold but glorious morning!
yet no one was to know,
A day starting with such magic
was the day you had to go.

"Of course my darling Muffit,
hold on..I'll get the door,
Don't go too far, little Chicken,
for tis cold out there for sure."

Yes a bright and shining morning,
nothing at all to fear.
I opened the door, set free my heart
and died that day as well.

My sweetest little Muffit,
Your mom could not have known
what lurked out in those shadows
to steal you from your home.

I tried to make you happy,
I let you have your wish.
The sun, the snow, the birds, the air
Were all..to you..Gods gifts.

I would climb the highest mountain
Brave an icy sea,
face any peril known to man
To have kept you safe with me.

But it was just a lovely morning,
Heaven smiling down on earth.
Glistening snow, blinding sun
starlings twittering over turf.

A cold January morning
but no one was to know,
A day starting with such magic
was the day you had to go.

"I love you Muffit. Stay safe in Heaven until mom can hold you once again."


Copyrighted and Written by Elizabeth Earle


A tisket, a tasket,
A Bisquit in a Basket...
My Love, my Heart,
My Own.

Warm and golden yellow,
Loving, kind and mellow...
My Love, My Heart,
My Own.

Eyes of liquid brown,
That never let me frown...
My Love, My Heart,
My Own.

Paws of softest velvet,
That soothed away regret....
My Love, My Heart,
My Own.

Bisquit, my sweetest girl,
I'll join you one day, in your world...
My Love, My Heart,
My Own.

Till then dear one,
Frolick in the Rainbow sun...
My Love, My Heart,
My Own.

A tisket a tasket,
A Bisquit in a basket...
My Life, My Soul,
My Home.


Copyrighted and Written by Elizabeth Earle


Little Stormy,
Soft and grey,
In the sun she'll play all day!

Going for walkies,
Chasing string,
Catching mousies, above ALL things!

Kisses for mommy,
Soft and sweet,
And then "Meow, where's my treat!?"

Fur like silver,
Eyes like gems,
Can't be denied one single thing.

A bundle of love,
The sweetest kind,
Tell me stormy, what's on your mind?

"Happy days,
 Starry nights,
 And seeing my mama at Dawns first light".

"Darling Stormy,
 If I may....
 Hurray...I knew that's what you'd say"!

Happy Birthday Stormy, you are precious.

Love from Auntie Elizabeth.


Copyrighted and Written by Elizabeth Earle

This poem was inspired by the tragic events of September 3rd, 2004 which occurred in Beslan, Russia. Honestly, the consequences of that hostage taking, of those children and their teachers and what followed, was one of the saddest things I have ever experienced.


Just a little girl,
tripping off to school.
To learn of bigger, better things,
to hear the 'Golden Rule'.

A great bunch of flowers,
squished in tiny fists.
scattering pink and purple petals,
to swirl in morning mists.

So many tiny children,
all clutching exuberant bouquets,
to shower on their teachers
all laughing and so gay.

But fate had different plans that day,
and flowers did not count,
in evil plans, in twisted minds,
in voices that did shout.

Like cattle, sheep and other beasts,
they settled in one room,
to await a fate so terrible,
in one great, enormous tomb.

The minutes turned to hours,
as children sobbed and cried.
first day of school, the golden rule,
But instead so many died.

The little girl is hungry,
she no longer skips or runs,
but dips her head, takes a bite,
keeping one eye on the guns.

The children ate the flowers,
amidst death, despair and fears.
each little mouth did tear and chew,
and swallowed through their tears.

God bless the little children,
and praise the tiny flowers,
that kept alive, so many souls,
through the darkest of their hours.


Copyrighted and Written by Elizabeth Earle


Bright-eyed, bushy tailed,
Warm fur like water, lulled by the sun,
Like spun sugar.
Like Heaven.

Green, gold, star-speckled.
Windows to a soul..
to your soul my darling,
Pure as first light, pure as dawn breaking.

Firm little body, God it feels good!
Round precious tummy, full, ripe.
I have to touch it,
So soft. So sweet..nicer than dreams.

Five hot sweating pads on four furry paws.
Odd tufts of fur sticking out, a treasure to be savored.
Irresistable, unmistakable, indescribable.
Your smell. Your very essence my love.

Rich and golden..palpable.
Sing to me my Angel. Deep in your velvet throat..Whisper who you love.

Breathe for me my Angel, musty breath on my face.
Sweeter than honey, heady, intoxicating.
Your lifes breath..enchanting.

The value of a life...the value of 'your' life?
The value of your exsistence..your time with me?
But my sweetest, my most precious, my one and only..
There is no such thing...

You were priceless.


Copyrighted and Written by Elizabeth Earle


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