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Tips and Tricks of well written English

Tips and Tricks of well written English

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Advantageous Adjectives




Advantageous Adjectives

An adjective is probably the best kept secret of a successful writer, when used properly of course. An adjective modifies, and in most cases compliments, a noun or pronoun. It adds spice and flavour to a noun or pronoun and allows the reader to experience a deeper sense of appreciation for your work. If adjectives are expertly utilized in your sentences with precise timing and volume, everything you compose will shine and quiver with an aura of real life.

Listed below are a few examples of sentences WITHOUT the interjection of an adjective or two. Take notice of these same examples AFTER being punched up and sprinkled with a spattering of cleverly inserted adjectives.

The adjectives are highlighted.

The kite flew swiftly into the sky.
The dragon-shaped kite flew swiftly into the wide blue sky.

The boy tripped clumsily over the log.
The frightened boy tripped clumsily over the slippery jutting log.

My mother is coming for tea.
My frail, elderly mother is coming for late afternoon tea.

The porch contained a number of umbrellas.
The musty porch contained a number of red and black umbrellas.

The caves were full of danger.
The salt caves were full of real and widespread danger.

The children were happily at play in the playground.
The fresh faced children were happily at play in the colorful playground.

The ship bravely rode the waves.
The massive ship bravely rode the swelling waves.

A candle burnt brightly on the mantelpiece.
A tall white candle burnt brightly on the impressive mantelpiece.

The shark calmly circled the herd of darting fish.
The monstrous shark calmly circled the large herd of silvery, darting fish.

Please remember to bring a sleeping bag with you.
Please remember to bring a warm and sturdy sleeping bag with you.

The mermaid sang sweetly to the ship full of sailors.
The enchanting mermaid sang sweetly to the ship full of lonely, forlorn sailors.

My father paints pictures with pastels.
My talented father paints glorious pictures with multicolored pastels.

The child had quite a high fever.
The poor sick child had quite a high and dangerous fever.

A ladder was hanging precariously over the edge of the roof.
A rickety old ladder was hanging precariously over the edge of the damaged roof.


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