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Tips and Tricks of well written English

Tips and Tricks of well written English

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Paragraphing : A readers breathing space

Have you sometime began reading a letter or a short story, that you found to be quite good, but rather exhausting to get through? More than likely the culprit is a lack of proper paragraphing. I have read countless short stories and book reports from my clients, where the document itself is rather professional and engrossing, but without the insertion of one single paragraph! In turn, what happens is your eye doesn't get the break it needs in order to mentally digest what you are reading. It's a little like running a marathon, without fortifying your body with regular doses of fluids. The end result of which is exhaustion and weariness along with a great desire to sleep! This is not at all how a good article should leave you feeling.

When you begin to write something, outline a mental plan in your mind of what you would like your article to look like. This is the first step in visualizing how you'd like your finished paper to appear. The most important aspect of this mental planning is to visualize a series of 'breaks' in your writing, as opposed to a long, rambling litany that's difficult for anyone to read and maintain, much less enjoy.

The next step is to outline on paper the topics your article will include, along with how much information you will offer regarding each individual topic. There may be some points you wish to make that will require a longer explanation than others. This is where you should decide to insert a paragraph.

A skilled writer is able to smoothly make the transition from one topic to another, with the aid of a cleverly placed paragraph, in such a manner that the reader never knows it has occurred. This is precisely the way in which you want your writing to be perceived. With a little practise before composing your actual document, anyone can master the art of paragraphing, ensuring an interesting, relaxed and enjoyable article for their readers.

Everyone needs breathing space! Just keep that in mind while you are writing. If you have trouble knowing where and when to place your paragraphs, it is possible to paragraph 'after' you have composed your work. Scan your finished article and mentally take note of areas where you need to have a break. Once you are a little more skilled at paragraphing, it will become much more natural for you to insert these much needed mental breaks in everything you compose! Trust me, your readers will love you and eagerly await your next masterpiece!


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