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Tips and Tricks of well written English

Tips and Tricks of well written English

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All In A Day's Word




All In A Day's Word

Sometimes the manner in which you begin a sentence speaks volumes about your character. Why not learn a more whimsical yet informative way of expressing yourself? This serves two purposes. A flamboyant way of talking draws the listener in, and it also transforms ordinary English banter into an delightful episode not easily forgotten. You are sure to be the star of the next informal 'get together' with your friends and co-workers by choosing your words wisely. The following examples are fun to use, and quite interchangeable depending upon the circumstances you find yourself in!

I shall present the opening sentence, and then provide a few examples that will show the versatility of knowing a good line!

I have it on good authority..

the vote is going to swing in our favor.

that tomorrows soccer match should be a rather exciting game.

the pub down the street serves the best hot wings in the city.

this years fireworks display is to be the best ever!

the new dentist isn't as gentle as everyone says.

If I'm not greatly mistaken..

Bob's wife has gained a pound or two since I last saw her.

our weeping willow tree is seriously in need of a pruning.

it appears our son has chosen some wild friends to chum with.

this lump on my leg has grown larger!

the secretary at my husbands firm seems to be flirting with him.

As the case may be..

it is never a good idea to fry bacon while wearing a bathing suit.

every time you are visited by bad luck, more bad luck seems to follow.

just when I settled myself for an evening of TV, the phone rang.

Sally's teacher is the very woman I disagreed with at last year's PTA meeting.

the lawyer we hired seems to have a terrible courtroom conduct.

Rumor has it..

that a touch of real lemon to your iced tea is delightful!

that reading late into the night can cause frightful dreams.

the next hot fashion for summer is going to be purple hot pants!

the city is getting a zippy new playground for less fortunate kids.

there's to be an important announcement regarding next years budget.

As luck should have it..

the rain stopped just as we arrived at the camp grounds.

the wedding party made it to the church in record time, despite congested traffic.

the stray dog accepted the orphaned puppy with happy whimpers and loving licks.

the teenagers arrived home after curfew, to find their parents fast asleep.

the snowball missed the boys face, and struck the fencepost instead.

If I may be so bold..

I'd suggest you wear something less revealing.

it's apparent your hair desperately needs trimming

your conduct has been outrageous and disturbing Madam!

it is my opinion that children should be seen and not heard.

it's not what you say that matters, but how you say it.

Goodness knows..

I've heard stories like that before!

if I eat too much on Friday, Saturday's sure to be a bad day.

if you feed your children snacks at night they won't sleep well.

if someone uses such despicable language, no one will listen.

it the sun is shining so brightly everyone will be out and about!

I have reason to suspect..

that Julie's hair color came straight out of a bottle.

our neighbours dog has been foraging in our garbage receptacle.

my job may be in jeopardy as of this time next year.

the shipment of T-shirts for the hockey team will be delayed.

those 'sugar-free' muffins are not as healthful as advertised.


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