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Tips and Tricks of well written English

Tips and Tricks of well written English

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Miraculous Metaphors




Miraculous Metaphors

How I love to make use of yummy metaphors in every single thing I write! A metaphor is a writers pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Even an inexperienced writer is able to astonish and inspire their readers with the use of metaphors. The definition of a metaphor is to compare two things that are not particularly alike, but may be alike in ONE regard. Unlike a simile where you say something IS LIKE something else, a metaphor states something IS something else.

Metaphors are broadly and expertly used by poets and writers of romance, since they are heartfelt and bring forth an explosion of feeling when used in the right place and at the right time. If there is one easy way to ensure you become successful in anything you write, I would recommend becoming skilled in the art of using metaphors. Similes as well are quite important, but for the time being I shall focus on metaphors.

To facilitate your understanding of the proper usage of a metaphor, I am offering the following examples. As your knowledge of these gems of the literary world grows and gains strength, you will wonder how you ever wrote one single sentence without them. And if that's not enough, prepare yourself for the glowing praise and never ending compliments your work will receive from anyone that reads it and becomes enthralled with your imaginative, unique metaphors!

(The metaphors in the following examples are underlined)

My goodness, don't you think Jenny was simply a little pig at last nights family dinner?

You my dear are the very sunshine that streams from the Heavens.

That boy is so extraordinarily lazy he must be a mule!

Your face is a wonderful landscape of stunning beauty.

Kathy had worked out so much, her stomach was literally a tabletop of hard muscle.

Jason's hands were ice itself, after coming in from the vicious winter storm.

Why, you are just a sleepy little fieldmouse aren't you, wanting a nap!

Jack is a super sonic jet in this race, running faster than any other!

My dear lady, your smile is a rainbow after a day of gloomy rain.


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