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Tips and Tricks of well written English

Tips and Tricks of well written English

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Business English 101

The board of executives and CEO's had already commenced with the meeting by the time I arrived at the office. Honest to goodness, gospel truth, I have never ever seen traffic quite as congested as it was this morning. Course that's a given isn't it? If I actually hadn't the need to arrive at the office earlier than usual, it would be the very morning I broke a Guinness speed record getting there. It never fails.

But enough of this digressing...It's positively droll. It is the meeting itself I wish to examine and dissect, literally. Never before, in all my years with this company, have I had the misfortune to attend such a stressful meeting. I swear to you, on my very life, that I have never experienced such painful tension of this magnitude in past staff meetings. I have extremely grave thoughts about my future with this company.

Every solitary opinion and suggestion I laid out on the board-room table was rejected with such super-sonic speed and finality by the board members, that half-ways through the interminable hour long meeting, I shut up like a well behaved, mannerly clam.

I have since come to the conclusion and understanding that just because an individual is head of a huge, money-making conglomerate, it does not necessary follow that this same individual is in the least bit intelligent or able to use their God given common sense the way it was intended to be used. It is true, very true..."It is not what you know, but who you know". Left to his own devices, my boss couldn't run a lemonade stand, not even if the lemonade was already pre-mixed.

I left that most smothering of companies as soon as was possible and plausible. I currently have employment with a company that never shuns my suggestions, but rather praises me for arriving at them in the first place. I have been referred to as the 'brains and the brawn' of this upcoming and innovative company. Success is mine for the taking, and take it I will! Yes yes, I will survive and I'll survive with my modesty and faculties intact and my brain whirring and purring like the grinding stone of a successful flour mill! Leaving my previous position was heartstopping, and my future looked grim, but sometimes in this life we have no choice but to take the bucking bull by the horns and rein him in!

Copyrighted and Written by Elizabeth Earle

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